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Top 10 Secrets Of Landing The Perfect Job And Building Long-Term Career Success, From A Nationally-Recognized Career Expert!

Discover How To Chop Months Off Your Job Search, Boost Your Salary By At Least 25%, Get Promoted Faster, And Never Worry Again About Job Security Or Layoffs

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This is still a VERY tough job market
for many executives and professionals!

So, what's happening with YOUR career, right now?

Ford R. Myers, Career Counselor and Expert
Ford R. Myers
Career Coach and Author
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Are you in career transition (laid-off, downsized, unemployed, between jobs, or changing industries)?

Do you feel under-employed (not enough challenge, growth, or compensation in your current job)?

Perhaps you're fully employed, but dissatisfied (wondering if there’s something better for you elsewhere, or concerned that you made some wrong career choices)?

Whichever circumstance you find yourself in, there are proven steps you can take to maximize your opportunities, and get the most from your career!

Dear Friend,

My name is Ford R. Myers, and I'm one of the top career coaches, authors and speakers in the U.S.

I've personally helped thousands of people in each of these circumstances explore new careers, find the work they want, get promoted faster, and increase their compensation.

Now, I’d like to help YOU too! I've identified 10 very specific – but little-known – actions that are necessary to ensure that you’ll land the RIGHT job and create long-term career success.

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“The information in Career Success Audio about career management is highly effective, and the program proved to be an excellent resource. Your lessons have allowed me to position my career for explosive growth!"
– John Maketa, Business Development Professional

What are these 10 most powerful career success strategies?

I'm glad you asked!

Career Success AudioSM is a unique audio program which explains these powerful strategies in detail. And you can listen to the entire program right from your computer or mobile device!

You're about to discover a treasure-trove of career success principles, which will enable you to make a quantum leap in your own career!

This program is NOT just about getting your next job. It’s about taking charge of your career, creating the work you love, and earning what you deserve.

Career Success Audio gives you the career coaching and advice you need to become highly successful, and have REAL career security today, tomorrow, and any time in the future. By listening to this high-impact program, YOU can finally be in control of your career!

When you register for Career Success Audio, you’ll learn how to:

Career Planning Transform your career for maximum success, and get the edge your competition doesn't have!
Career Coach Supercharge your career growth through unconventional methods of networking!
Career Help Boost your professional credibility by using a simple, but very effective tactic (which is used all the time by self-employed professionals)!
Job Search Leverage the "competitive intelligence" in your industry, so that other candidates won't stand a chance against you!
Interview Tips Build an "army" of advocates who truly want you to succeed, and know exactly who's hiring and for which positions!
Executive Coach Make yourself indispensable to your industry, and be at the top of your "career game" 100% of the time!
Career Counselor Never worry again about job security or layoffs, and always have career options and a sense of control!
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"There are an awful lot of programs out there trying to be a one-stop resource for job seekers and savvy career professionals, but nothing compares to the smart strategies in this great audio seminar!"
– Steven Nesich, Marketing Executive

How does the audio program work?

It couldn't be simpler!

When you receive our e-mail, all you have to do is click the audio link, and you'll instantly be listening to this exciting career development program! No special software is required — just be sure your computer’s speakers are turned-up.

The material is explained in a practical, step-by-step fashion, so that you can put these success strategies to work immediately!

Career Success Audio works around your schedule! If you can’t listen right away, you can listen whenever it's convenient for you.

You'll also get access to downloadable text documents — so you can study the material, highlight important points, take notes in the margins, and practice your new strategies!

Why should you listen to me!?

I've been a featured speaker at hundreds of organizations and associations, and I've been quoted in thousands of well-known newspapers, web sites and magazines, including:

Job Search Career Assessment Executive Coaching
Career Planning
Choosing A Career Career Advice Find A Career

As President of a prominent career coaching firm, I'm frequently invited to comment about career issues on television and radio programs, including NBC-TV, Comcast, ABC-TV, CBS-TV, National Public Radio, Clear Channel Radio Network, CBS Radio Network, ABC Radio Network, and Infinity Radio Network.

And I'm the author of two books: Get The Job You Want, Even When No One’s Hiring (published by John Wiley & Sons) and The Ultimate Career Guide (the only comprehensive manual on successful career management and job search!)

"I found Career Success Audio to be amazingly practical and helpful, because the concepts really work. What you've created is nothing less that a roadmap for success. Thank you for this wonderful career resource!"
– Elizabeth Frumin, Educator and Minister
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(Downloadable text documents also provided!)

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Don't make the mistake so many
business professionals do!

I've watched average, middle-level managers become top executives at their companies, by using the same techniques featured in this special career seminar!

But unfortunately, I’ve also seen many talented, highly-qualified professionals lose ground by overlooking these 10 “secrets” of career success. I'm sure you won't want to make this same mistake.

Register now for Career Success Audio, and listen to the entire program. Then, apply all the strategies consistently and watch your career take-off!

I guarantee that after listening to this Career Success Audio program, you'll think about your career in a whole new way! In fact, you'll have the tools and techniques to rapidly take your career to the next level and achieve your full potential.

To Your Career Success!

Ford R. Myers

P.S. Since I'm always developing new programs and products, I honestly don't know how much longer I'll be able to offer "Career Success Audio" for FREE. I usually share this information only with people who pay hundreds of dollars to attend my career seminars!

So, be sure to register today, before this unique audio program goes back up to its normal price of $47.00!